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Next Week and Season End
by posted 05/15/2021

Happy Saturday, 

It was a great Lacrosse week again.  We started the week against Glastonbury and our two balanced teams did a great job against a talented opponent.  The coaches were impressed with how our teams performed.  I saw a lot of teamwork at the Rocky Hill game.  Players were looking to feed teammates to get them goals.  Today’s game we set our team up to evenly match our opponents.  RHAM had some very experienced players and Colchester had a young team (1 4th grader, 4 second graders).   We matched accordingly. 

Coming Week

Tuesday 6PM – Home Game against Glastonbury (Cove Park)

We will run two concurrent games with balanced teams. 

Friday 6PM – Home Game against Berlin & Rocky Hill. 

We will run an experienced team against Berlin.  They may end up being the most skilled team we will face this year.  A balanced team will play against Rocky Hill. 

Saturday 11:30AM Home games against Middletown (1/2 team)

One game with half of our team.  The roster is below.



























Looking ahead

We have no games the week of Memorial Day.  We will run a practice on 5/25, but that will be it for the week.  We have run an aggressive schedule so far and will be coming off a 3-game week for a lot of our team.  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. 

The last week of the season follows.  I will schedule a game for Friday or Saturday June 4th or 5th.  I am also going to see if we can get some turf time and play Wethersfield v. Wethersfield.   It is fun watching them scrimmage against each other, so a full game would be a blast.

Coach Joe, Luke and Ryan

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Rosters for Tommorow and Next Saturday
by posted 05/13/2021


The rosters for our final split games of the season are below.  Reach out with any questions or updates. 

Here is the roster for tomorrow night away against Rocky Hill @6PM.  The rest of the team will have a practice from 5:30 to 6:45 at Cove Park with Coach Ryan and Joe.  

Barratt Lucas
Carrasquillo Dennis
Cattanach Declan
Claffey-Newton Kavi
Collette Tyler
Greenwell Connel
Lisella Lincoln
Rostron Colin
Spain Eddie
Zaparanick Ryan


Next Saturday home against Middletown @11:30AM.  Both fields will be in use at this time, so the rest of the team can enjoy a Saturday off from Lacrosse.  

Arnold Matteo
Buccheri Sebastiano
Errico Carter
Kelly Lucas
Maziarz Patrick
Miller Garrett
Monroe Liam
Patrei Carson
Rastallis Connor
Smith Weyland
Sorvillo Patrick
Whitaker Zack



Coach Luke, Joe, and Ryan  

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Upcoming Split Games
by posted 05/11/2021


We have 2 split team games this Friday at 6PM at Rocky Hill, and next Saturday at 11:30 AM against Middletown.  These are the last games where we will split the team.  This is one of the complications we had this season with so many players relative to most other programs.  

To help me divide the team between the two games, can you please send me a note or a text if your player is NOT available this Friday at Rocky Hill (6PM) and/or next Saturday at 11:30.  I will send the rosters for both games on Thursday afternoon.

We will still run a scrimmage/practice this Friday for our players not traveling to Rocky Hill.  

See you tonight. Just another reminder that the Glastonbury coach moved tonights game to 300 Welles Street.  The field will be closest to the boathouse.   


Coach Luke 


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Important Update for Tonight
by posted 05/11/2021

The Glastonbury coach just informed me that we are now playing at 300 Welles St in Glastonbury.  The field is the one closest to the Boathouse.  

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Week of 5/10
by posted 05/10/2021

Good Afternoon, 

It was another fun lacrosse week.  We have been lucky with the weather, so we hope that trend continues.   

This week

Tuesday 6:00 PM – Game @ Glastonbury (Buttonball School 376 Buttonball Lane, Glastonbury)

We will run two concurrent games with balanced teams.  This is only Glastonbury’s second game of their season so the coach requested evenly experienced teams.

Friday 5:30 to 6:45 – Practice or Game @ Rocky Hill for 6PM

I apologize for the confusion here.  I had thought that Rocky Hill could not make this game, but their cancellation was for an earlier date that we had scheduled.  I am working with the coach to determine the best option for us.  I will send an update as soon as I connect with their coach. 

Saturday 9:30AM Home games against RHAM and Colchester

There will be 2 concurrent games.  Colchester has a young team of 2nd to 4th graders, while RHAM has a much more experienced team.  We are likely to commit our less experienced players to the Colchester game and more experienced to the RHAM game. 

Looking ahead

On Saturday May 22nd we were planning on playing @ Colchester and against another opponent so we could have our full team. Those plans fell through, so as of now there is nothing scheduled.  We already have two games that week, so I will likely not fill that day with anything for lacrosse. 

I am continuing to look for games for the week of Memorial Day as well as the first week in June.  More to follow. 


Coach Joe, Luke and Ryan

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Week of 5/3 Bantams
by posted 05/03/2021

Good Afternoon, 

We got a lot of game action last week.  We appreciate the patience on Friday night.  Our opponent was short on goalie equipment, so he ran home to grab what he needed. 

The team is doing very well considering many of players had never played and the loss of an entire season.  The experienced players have demonstrated leadership and patience as the team comes together.  The new players have started to get more comfortable and really shown us a tremendous amount of effort and growth.   

This week

Tuesday 5:30 to 7:00 PM – Practice

Send the kids with their jerseys, so we can more easily run scrimmages and tell each other apart.  We are looking forward to working on some specifics with the team.  We will do some stick work, and then scrimmage.  The kids love to play, and scrimmages allow for that, and plenty of opportunities for coaching. 

Friday 7:15PM game @ Middletown

The game is at Moody Middle School (300 Country Club Road Middletown, CT 06457) There will be 2 concurrent games.  

Saturday 11:30AM Home game against Southington

There will be 2 concurrent games.  

Looking ahead

We will start to change the composition of the teams a bit for this part of the season.  We want to ensure that we are keeping our more adept players challenged.  There are some upcoming opponents that can provide a high level of competition for these players.       

We have no games planned for Memorial Day Weekend.  We will not practice that Friday as well.  We front loaded the schedule with games to give the team plenty of action and parents a free weekend. 

The first week of June is the last week of Lacrosse.  We will work to get an opponent or two for that week.    


Coach Joe, Luke and Ryan

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